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    • Why should I buy a scanner from Matter?

      As the Official Reseller for Israel, we always have available stock to ensure the fast delivery of new cameras and the temporary replacement of cameras needing repairs from Matterport. We also give on-going local support to all our clients.

    • What if I want to hire a pro?

      You can save time and upfront costs by hiring one of our scan service providers to do your 3D scan for you.

    • Does the Matterport Pro2 3D Camera come with warranty?

      Yes, 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

    • How long does delivery to Israel take?

      We ship your Matterport Pro2 3D Camera from Hertseliya, so shipping takes between 1-3 business days, depending on your shipping address.

    • What accessories do I need to optimise my scan?

      Required: • iPad Pro or any iPad running iOS 9 or later with at least 128GB storage • Manfrotto MT190 Tripod or equivalent (suitable to hold 5kg) Recommended: • Chocolate adapter with Levels. • Mobile charger for the iPad (for long scans). • Camera case / case.

    • How can I view my Virtual Tours using Virtual Reality (VR)?

      You will need to download the Matterport VR application and view your Virtual Tour through a Samsung Galaxy S6 (or above) and Samsung Gear VR Headset, or by using a VR Cardboard and any up-to-date mobile devices.

    • Can I capture outdoor areas in the Virtual Tour?

      As direct sunlight interferes with the 3D scan, we recommend you scan these areas on cloudy days, before sunrise or after sunset. You can also capture sunny outdoor areas with exterior 360° views or 2D panorama images, which can be included in your highlight reel.

    • What are Mattertags and how can I use them?

      Mattertags are anchored to specific points throughout the Virtual Tour, where you can add descriptions and multimedia assets such as photo, video and audio files.

    • How do I create a floor plan from my Virtual Tour?

      Custom floor plans are available through Treedis.

    • Can I use Matterport spaces in CAD software like REVIT or RECAP?

      Yes, you can download an industry-standard .OBJ file which will contain both the 3D mesh and textures.

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