After the ordering process, a time will be set for the date of filming the property itself. A professional team will come to scan the property. At the end of the scan, the scanning process will be done in our office and within one day you will receive the final product.

Depending on the size of the property, however, in order to get the order of time, a property of 150 square meters for example, the scan time will take up to an hour, processing until one business day.

Each customer will receive a video explaining how to make the property you want to scan best for the shot. We ask customers to prepare the property after cleaning, with all the doors open and a minimal number of people or animals in the space we are photographing. During the coordination of the shooting hours, the position of the sun in relation to the property will be taken into consideration.

Besides the virtual tour, you can get 4K quality photos, a clip of the property, a measurement program and more. Apart from virtual tours, we provide additional services which can be found on the “More Services” page on our website.


The products can be shared on any social networking platform, and can be shared via Mail, Whatsapp and more.

Sure, we provide an IFrame code for each virtual tour which can easily be added into your personal sites.


Private properties and / or offices that you are interested in renting / selling / displaying.For business owners such as restaurants / shops if you want to increase exposure.Whether it’s through your site or through the implementation of the virtual tour to Google Street.In addition, you can add and install an online order system (E-Commerce) according to your demand.

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